Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Early Adopter of Family Tree

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New FamilySearch will soon be Old FamilySearch and users of the New FamilySearch system will be signing into their "New FamilySearch" account at the "Family Tree" tab at the top of the FamilySearch.org website. At present, the "Family Tree" tab will allow access to those who sign up to be "early adopters" of the system. Early adopters can view their tree and see all that they are able to see at "New Family Search", but the system is not fully functional.

As of March 14, 2012, the "Family Tree" will allow you to add dates and locations to events (such as birth, christening, and death) which don't yet have dates assigned, change dates and locations (but not contribute additional dates), add sources, add names and "other information", and participate in discussions. You may also "unreserve" or "reassign" temple ordinances. The "Family Tree" will not yet allow you to reserve temple ordinances, add individuals, combine individuals, nor upload gedcoms.

Eventually the "Family Tree" will be fully functional. It has an intuitive interface and is much cleaner and more user-friendly than "New FamilySearch". All those benefits aside, the biggest difference I expect to see between "New FamilySearch" and the "Family Tree" will be the the attention paid to source citations, evidence, and analysis. The current "New FamilySearch" is full of mistakes and conflicting information. Those who put the effort in to correct the mistakes have their sources (if they bother to add them) buried deep and virtually not accessible to others. With the words "source", "evidence" and "analysis" everywhere on each "ancestor" view, it should be obvious to those collaborating on an ancestor that verification of information is a priority. Those adding or changing information will easily be able to add their sources and those accessing information will have sources and analysis front and center.

If you would like to be an "early adopter" of the "Family Tree", click below and sign in with your LDS Account:

Click HERE to be directed to the "Early Adopter" invitation!

This is the page you will be directed to when you click on the link above:

Notice that those who sign up are known as "early adopters" of the system. Eventually everyone will use this new system. When you get to this page, sign in with your LDS Account, if you have one. If you don't have an LDS account, click on "Register". After signing in you will automatically be brought to the "Family Tree" on the FamilySearch.org site.

When you want to access the "Family Tree" again, you will go to the FamilySearch website where you will see a screen like this:

You can see from this screen shot that no "Family Tree" shows up at the top of the page between the FamilySearch logo and the "Learn" tab. You will need to sign in. After signing in the "Family Tree" tab will appear as seen below:

After signing in you will see the "Family Tree" tab to the left and the name you registered with your LDS Account to the right. Click on the "Family Tree" to access your family tree. Remember the site is not fully functional, but it's worth spending your time in as it is developed.

If you're on a shared computer, remember to "sign out" when you are done so that the next person to use the computer will not be able to access your account.

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