Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sharing - Free Charts! Fan, Pedigree, and a Name Cloud

This is an example of the Fan Chart from the: BYU-Idaho Family History Center Blog

TreeSeek has partnered with FamilySearch and to provide users with a number of free charts including a fan chart, a few types of pedigree charts, and a name cloud. Click on to try it out.

The home page looks like this:

Click on "My Trees" or the "Start Now!" button to go to this page:

From here you will login. Choose to login to either your FamilySearch account or Geni account. (Currently no other online trees are supported.)

Click on "Create Tree". You'll be brought to a page where you choose the person you would like to be the start of your tree...usually yourself, one of your parents, or one of your children. Then click on "Create Data Set". It may take a few minutes to generate. Then you will see this page:

In the dropdown box above the "Create Chart" button, you can choose from three different size pedigree charts, a 9 generation fan chart, or a "name cloud". After selecting the type chart you want, click on "Create Chart". A box will open that allows you to either "open" or "save". You may save it to your computer and then print it. My print box allows me to choose either one page, a poster, or a tiny image on a page (multiple and booklet...neither of which are very practical). Make your choice and click on "print".

Here's an example of the name cloud:

The name cloud should be printed from your browser's "print" option.

TreeSeek is in Beta. For this reason, you may see the site change over time, or there may be a glitch or two. Click on "Give Feedback" to let the TreeSeek people know what you think!

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